Director: Bonnie Hunt
Stars: David Duchovny, Minnie Driver, Carrol O'Connor, Bonnie Hunt, David Alan Grier, James Belushi
Lame Love Song: "Angel Standing By," Jewel
Love Conquers: A heart transplant

You can learn so much about science simply by going to the movies. For example, did you know that if the woman you love dies, and happens to be an organ donor, you will fall in love with any woman who receives a heart transplant courtesy of your dead lover? It shocked us that sex addict David Duchovny taught us this and not our high school biology teacher.

We have since called the DOT and demanded that the "organ donor" designation be removed from our driver's licenses, because damn it, we aren't going to lose at the game of love twice. And what if your second lover dies and they give their heart to a new woman? You could be locked in an infinite loop of dying, heart transplanting girlfriends. As science marches forward, we sometimes have to ask ourselves, "At what cost?"