Director: Paul Weiland
Stars: Patrick Dempsey, Michelle Monaghan, Whitney Cummings, Sydney Pollack, Chris Messina
Lame Love Song: "Love Song," Sara Bareilles
Love Conquers: Platonic friendship

Sometimes it seems like Hollywood filmmakers think of the pun first and then create a concept for a film that fits their clever title. Made of Honor unfolds just how you would expect: Patrick Dempsey's character is asked to be the "maid of honor" for his best friend's wedding—only to discover that *gasp* he is love with her.

We think the story would be more interesting from the fiancé's point of view, as there would be numerous compelling questions to explore. What did dude expect to happen when his fiancée's "best friend" is a muscular, five-o'clock shadowed, wealthy guy? We all remember what Chris Rock said about platonic male/female friends....