Director: Gene Nelson
Stars: Elvis Presley, Arthur O'Connell, Glenda Farrell, Pamela Austin
Lame Love Song: "Tender Feeling," Elvis Presley
Love Conquers: Mistaken identity

Critics have given endless credit to Peter Sellers for playing multiple roles in Dr. Stangelove. What history easily forgets, however, is that Elvis Presley did it the same year. In Kissin' Cousins, Presley plays both an Air Force officer and his identical hillbilly cousin.

The title is slightly misleading, as the cousins do not kiss each other in a proto-Brokeback Mountain gay, incestual encounter, but rather, they kiss other women. And get this, the Air Force officer falls for a hillbilly woman, and the hillbilly cousin falls for a fiery service woman. If you like Presley here, you'll love him in his numerous other masterful cinematic performances including Clambake, Tickle Me, and Charro!