Director: John Mallory Asher
Stars: Jenny McCarthy, Eddie Kay Thomas, Carmen Electra, Guillermo Diaz
Lame Love Song: "Think of Me From Away While I'm in New York," The Rumor Mill
Love Conquers: Being hung up on an ex-boyfriend

There are many bad romantic comedies out there, but are there many films that are so bad that they end marriages? That's what happened with Dirty Love. Legitimately funny and hot lead actress Jenny McCarthy was married to director John Asher, and they split one month after the film's release.

In the film, McCarthy's best friend, played by Carmen Electra, tries to set her up on dates, and we can't help but feel the film would have outperformed its $35,000 box office if she had offered Jenny a different, more erotic, kind of comfort. Likely, if the film had taken such a turn, the motivations of the characters would have been clearer and the final product would have been less offensive.