Company: Canada Games Company/World Pog Federation
Year: 1993

A game that involves kids trying to flip over milk caps sounds like some Great Depression era poor people shit. But, no, kids were actually doing this in the '90s and spending lots of their parents' money in order to do so. It's enough to make you want to put Tony Hawk's face or the Power Rangers on some rocks and twigs and try to sell them to gullible children.

And that's exactly what companies did with Pogs. Corporate warriors, from fast-food companies to television studios to governments, plastered iconography on Pogs, making the milk-caps into a multimillion dollar industry. Just to give you an idea of the various and sundry interests that got into the Pog game, some of the most ridiculous Pog sets include "Ric Flair," "US Environmental Protection Agency," and "Cristal." Sounds like our kind of party.