Director: Arlene Sanford
Stars: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Jessica Biel
Shitty Gift Equivalent: A cross-country ticket on a Greyhound bus.

Who knew that between JTT and Jessica Biel, Biel would end up the movie star? Certainly not your sister. JTT was Tiger Beat bait during his Home Improvement years, and this was one of many crass attempts to cash in on his tween sex appeal.

It would be hard for even his most ardent fangirls to get behind I'll Be Home for Christmas. You see, JTT's character Jake has to get home, from Cali back to New York, for Christmas dinner or his daddy won't gift him a vintage Porsche. We can hear your heartstrings being tugged just hearing that.

After Home Improvement and a string of crappy Disney films, JTT left the hearts and minds of Generation Y as they grew into a love for more mature figures like Ryan Gosling. Don't feel bad for the dude though, he has studied at Harvard, St. Andrew's, and Columbia, so we feel like he'll be just fine.