Director: John Whitesell
Stars: Danny DeVito, Matthew Broderick, Kristin Davis, Kristin Chenoweth
Shitty Gift Equivalent: Partial blindness from a Christmas light voltage overdose.

What do these three facts have in common? One: This film, about neighbors competing to have the most garishly decorated house, was first titled "All Lit Up" and then "Wreck the Halls" before finally arriving at its final title, "Deck the Halls." Two: Matthew Broderick trained for several months to prepare for the "speed skating" scene in the film. Three: Kristin Davis reportedly agonized over being cast as Matthew Broderick's wife in the film, even going as far as to seek permission from Broderick's wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, and lobbying for changes in the film's "sexual" scenes.

The answer: All three facts illustrate how much time and energy can be spent on an utterly worthless cinematic endeavor.