Director: Tom Kennedy
Stars: Ben Murphy, Nina Axelrod, Kevin Brophy, James Karen, Austin Stoker, Antoinette Bower

There's one glaring problem with the mummified alien at the center of Time Walker: The damn thing doesn't even walk. Technically, this janky 1982 horror dud's monster hovers around from location to location, emoting just as much as the lifeless actors drifting through the movie playing its human characters with the gumption of 1,000-year-old dead corpses.

Not to mention, the mummy isn't even seen all that much, since director Tom Kennedy presents large stretches through the villain's first-person POV, for which he slathers the camera's lens with what looks like green slime. The problem with that? The sludge makes it unfairly difficult to see the hot naked chick it's leering at in one of the film's most uncomfortably voyeuristic scenes.