Author: Aubrey Ross
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Promotional synopsis: "Determined to save his people from a debilitating mutation, Mal Ton abducts a gifted geneticist and brings her to his war-torn world. Andrea wakes up naked and in the arms of a handsome doctor who claims to be Mal Ton's captive as well. Roark charms and seduces her while Mal Ton overwhelms her senses, awakening needs she didn't realize she possessed."

Sci-fi erotica—now that is something that we can all get behind. We love that even in truly fantastic settings these novels are very careful to make it clear that the protagonist is a strong, career-minded woman, and usually a doctor. We aren't sure how that makes the sex scenes better for the reader, but we are down with empowerment. Whether she chooses Mal Ton or Roark, we respect Andrea's brain just as much as her captive body.