While the whole idea of a wedding may not be the biggest turn-on, a hot bride can make it all worthwhile.  It's a great day to be a spectator since many women go all out when it's their turn to get hitched: sexy dress, glowing skin, perfect hair. Add to that the relief of not being involved in the ceremony and you've got nothing to complain about. Especially when you get to see it all in a movie. 

For all the reasons mentioned above, we're actually semi-psyched about the upcoming Save the Date, starring the sultry Alison Brie as a bride-to-be and the gorgeous Lizzy Caplan as her sister. Brie is by far not the only beautiful actress to play a role dressed in white. Complex was pretty excited about that so we got together a list of The 25 Hottest Brides in Movies. Sit back, enjoy, and relax--you're not in the wedding party.

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Compiled by Valeriya Safronova (@vsaffron)