Director: Kenneth Johnson
Stars: Kirsten Storms, Frederick Coffin, Mark KarPhillip Rhys, Raven-Symoné, Gregory Smith
Lesson Learned: Only 37 more years until we can live in space! Zedis lapedis!

In retrospect, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century was remarkably progressive. The film, about a girl who lives in a space station in 2049, predicted the iPad—Zenon uses a tablet to video chat with her BFF, Nebula (Raven-Symoné), when she's exiled to Earth to live with her quirky aunt as punishment for causing mischief.

Its themes remain timelessly universal despite its foretelling. Unable to fit in at first, Earthlings make fun of Zenon for her weird Spandex-y clothes, obsession with pop star Proto Zoa (Philip Rhys), and nonsensical slang ("Zedis lapedis!" which basically means, "Oh, shit!"). Ultimately, Zenon proves she's just a well-intentioned growing kid like her peers, and saves the space station from the destruction of an evil station general. —TA