Director: Manny Coto
Stars: Andrew Lawrence, Mark L. Taylor, Alison Pill
Lesson Learned: Clones breed jealousy, but also understanding and self-actualization.

Doubling is popular in the DCOM universe. The Other Me holds the distinction of being the only movie that doubles a character through tainted Sea Monkeys knockoffs, here called Ocean Pups. Andrew Lawrence, stepping into the spotlight after years of playing the youngest behind his older brothers, Joe and Matt, plays Will Browning and Twoie, birthed by Ocean Pups.

Imagine David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, minus the drug addiction and gynecology—that's the recipe for this light-hearted take on the power struggle between intensely-linked twins. At first, Will is glad to have Twoie around to go to school in his place, hang out with his decrepit grandfather while Will stays home to party, et cetera. But then he becomes jealous.

Things don't descend into gross madness and dependency, though. Instead, the film turns into a wild caper featuring two inept scientists hellbent on kidnapping Twoie to better study him. Thankfully, science doesn't win. —RS