Director: Paul Hoen
Stars: Ryan Merriman, Henry Gibson
Lesson Learned: Don't hide your heritage from your children, or else they'll turn into leprechauns.

Kyle (Ryan Merriman) is popular, the star basketball player, and finds free money all the time, all unwittingly thanks to his lucky coin. He doesn't know anything about his heritage because, apparently, it's a shame upon the family. When Kyle visits an Irish festival, he's unable to stop step dancing—that is, before he gets knocked down by a carnie who steals his lucky coin. As a consequence, things change, his ears grow pointed, his hair turns orange, and he shrinks. We can only assume at this point he'd develop a love of dark brews and Irish whiskey, if this didn't air on Disney.

It's revealed that Kyle's lucky coin is what helps his family maintain their human appearance, as long as its youngest member is in possession of it. Together with his family, he fights the carnie (who turns out to be an evil leprechaun) and gets his luck back. Can't you just feel the excitement already?—TA