Director: Joyce Chopra
Stars: Camilla Belle, Stacie Hess, Brian Stark
Lesson Learned: Do not let this movie inspire you to surf. We almost drowned.

Before Blue Crush sexed up the idea of female surfers, there was Rip Girls, a flick about mainland girl, Sydner Miller (Camilla Belle), who discovers the beauty of surfing during a family trip to Hawaii.

But the movie isn't simply about a young girl becoming BFFs with nature or whatever. While she makes a few chill island friends, including her distractingly gap-toothed crush Kona (Brian Stark), the truth about her visit comes to light: She's inherited a large piece of land that a major developer plans to build a mega-mall on.

SPOILER ALERT: After taking acid and listening to the crashing ocean waves and the whispers of seashells, Sydney decides to preserve the island. —TA