Director: Steve Boyum
Stars: Alanna Austin, Riley Smith, Trevor O'Brien, Scott Terra, Michael Cunio
Lesson Learned: Be nice to your fellow bro—he might turn out to be a hot girl in drag.

Many movies are re-imagined Shakespeare plays—Kiss Me Kate, My Own Private Idaho, and even Romeo Must Die—but who would've ever thought to set any in the extreme world of motocross? Only the magical minds at Disney, of course!

An adaptation of Willy's Twelfth Night, Motocrossed follows Andrea "Andi" Carson, a dirt bike riding chick who gets a crew cut and takes over her twin brother's spot in a big race that could win their family-run team a corporate sponsorship. Unfortunately for Andi, her ride to the finish is obstructed by that fact that she's "just a measly girl" in a world overrun by brolic dudes in protective cups—one being her love interest and competition—and her overprotective dad, who benches her in place of the douchey European rider he's hired as a replacement.

Like all Disney princesses, Andi proves that girls are just as good as boys, wins her dad's respect, and leaves all of the other competitors questioning their manhood. —TA