Director: Steve Boyum
Stars: Brandon Baker, Kirsten Storms, Lee Thompson Young
Lesson Learned: The best family secrets are the ones that involve snowboarding, not emotional trauma.

Brandon Baker is Johnny Kapahala. He wants only to surf and wear long-sleeved shirts with shorts on the beaches of Hawaii. To his friends, he's just Johnny. To his grandfather, the famous surfing legend Johnny Tsunami, he's "Porno," or something phonetically similar. To his parents, he's a thing to be moved to Vermont when his dad's job demands it. To the conceited bastards of Vermont, he's a perpetually underdressed weirdo who isn't posh enough to hold their ski poles. In other words, he's an Urchin, just another public school kid who should stick to snowboarding.

That's according to the Flies, the chipper private school jerkoffs who prefer skiing. But once a surfer, always a surfer, even if surfing is snowboarding in Vermont. Johnny can't stay away from the powder or the most coveted white girl. (Keep in mind, none of this is about cocaine.) The past meets the present as brothers are unmasked, an old man reveals himself to be a champion snowboarder, and of course there's a dance. There's always a dance. —RS