Director: Shawn Levy
Stars: Lee Thompson Young, Michael Ironside, Lindy Booth, Ryan Sommers Baum
Lesson Learned: Let the mask of your real life slip and your fictional character will take control—NBD, tho.

A break in your regularly scheduled programming: Ryan Sommers Baum, who played the chinless J.B. Halliburton, Jett Jackson's sidekick and token dumpy white friend, is now a Quaker minister. Regularly scheduled programming resumed: Jett Jackson: The Movie was a big-budget, feature-length spin-off of Disney's series The Famous Jett Jackson. The series told the very meta story of a young actor, Jett Jackson, who plays a secret agent on the popular show Silverstone.

In a twist on the Stranger Comes to Town x Fish Out of Water in Reverse storyline, Jackson's show is now shooting in the sleepy village of Wilsted, NC, where Jackson's pops lives. For the bigger, badder DCOM, Michael Ironside—best remembered for having a metal arm and ugly mug in Starship Troopersplays the villain, Dr. Kragg. Something happens to make Jackson switch places with his spy character, making for Disney's version of a Charlie Kaufman screenplay on whatever the opposite of steroids is. It ends positively. —RS