Director: Greg Beeman
Stars: Joseph Lawrence, Andrew Lawrence
Lesson Learned: Be nice to your little cousins. They look up to you, they think you're cool, and they will tattle on you to their mom if you piss them off.

If your little cousin flies across the country to hang out with you and he gives you a hand-crafted whistle, then how could you not hang out with him? Michael (played by elder Lawrence bro, Joey) does exactly that. His housekeeper has to eventually speak up and say, "Dude. Why are you such a jerk? Take him to Disneyland." When he does, the self-absorbed playboy of sorts ditches his cousin again.

As punishment, Michael has to visit Tommy (played by younger bro Andrew Lawrence) in Montana (ugh) to work on his horse ranch (double ugh!), which he has to help save from foreclosure. How could this possibly work out?  Come on, they're totally different! Just look at the poster: Tommy is chewing on a piece of hay while Michael is gnawing on the antenna of his cell phone. This can never work!

Spoiler alert: It does. —TA