Director: Matthew Diamond
Stars: Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Alison Stoner, Meaghan Martin
Lesson Learned: Sing everywhere and a Jonas Brother will find you.

You may have been too old to appreciate the third highest viewed DCOM ever (8.9 million viewers), Camp Rock, but kids today below the age of 18 will grow up and look back on the musical as a classic.

The film cemented the superstar status of one emo-haired Disney prince, Joe Jonas, and launched the career of another star, Demi Lovato. They played polar opposite characters: She's the lunch lady's poor daughter (with a mega voice) and he's the biggest pop star in the universe (who can't find love in a sea of shallow tweens who want him for his bod).

Ultimately, the two make sweet music together in the most G-rated way: by literally making curse-word-free, lovey-dovey music together. Elsewhere, the two other Jonas Brothers and their tight pants co-star. —TA