Director: Greg Beeman
Stars: Erik von Detten, Sam Horrigan, Christina Vidal, Patrick Levis
Lesson Learned: You'd get awesome shit if you sold out, but being a "soul skater" just sounds so much cooler.

If you've ever watched Brink!, you know how impossible it is to turn it off without feeling the need to strap on a pair of rollerblades and ride around town without the fear of crushing your nuts. That's because Andy "Brink" Brinker (Erik Von Detten) made it look so damn easy and so damn cool!

As the eponymous character of the film, Brink is faced with the decision of whether to bail on his posse—the "Soul Skaters," as they'd call themselves—and join Team X-Bladz, the corporate-sponsored crew on the cover of every major skating magazine. He chooses the latter.

However, after witnessing Val (Sam Horrigan, known best as Spike from Little Giants) trip his former teammate with pebbles during a race, Brink rejoins his friends, gets them a sponsorship with a dog grooming shop, and, with Team Pup 'N Suds, proves that no amount of money can buy his soul. Right on, bro. —TA