Director: Jason Moore
Stars: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Skylar Astin, Alexis Knapp, Anna Camp, Adam DeVine, Ester Dean, Brock Kelly, Freddie Stroma

Ever since Glee made a sharp turn from tongue-in-cheek sitcom to after-school special, audiences were convinced that the prospect of having anything resembling a musical on screen should be thrown out before ever seeing the light of day. It's not a surprise why Pitch Perfect, a comedy revolving around an all-female a capella troupe, was largely overlooked and dismissed as yet another kitschy waste of big-studio money. However, people who did decide to give it a chance realized that the $10 they shelled out for that Saturday matinee ticket was actually worth every penny.

The formulaic and predictable teen comedy plot aside, the film, adapted by 30 Rock producer Kay Cannon from Mickey Rapkin's book of the same name, boasts a few of the most enjoyable performances we've witnessed all year. Not only was the vocal talent of Academy Award nominee/top-biller Anna Kendrick revealed to us, but breakout star Rebel Wilson spit one-liners that'll live forever as the funniest memes on the Internet. And, dare we say, the music is actually impressive enough that you don't cuff your ears and cower in your seat during the Top 40 mash-ups.

But most importantly, what the film gives audiences more than almost any other motion picture this year is the sense of pure, unadulterated entertainment that makes you feel as nice as tucking yourself into bed every night. Call it an instant comfort movie or a cable classic, Pitch Perfect is the kind of easygoing comedy that will have viewers for years to come tuning into it every time it's on TV. —Tara Aquino