What's more ridiculous than a Lifetime movie? A half-scripted, half-documentary series where real-life ladies talk about their own melodramatic experiences. At least that's how their stories come across on My Life is a Lifetime Movie, a show whose intriguing concept is squandered by the dishonest need to play up the salaciousness of Lifetime movies.

The story of Jodi Barrus, for instance, is no laughing matter. She's an Iowa schoolteacher who's been falsely accused of having sex with one of her students, and it's both alarming and heartbreaking to listen to her on-camera testimonial. But then it's wrongly funny to watch her account dramatized with the same kind of overacting and poor production values seen in Lifetime's hokey brand of cinema.

Just because her world might feel like My Stepson, My Lover, it doesn't mean she deserves to have it trivialized as such.