Stars: Reba McEntire, Sara Rue, Justin Prentice, Juliette Angelo, Lily Tomlin, Jai Rodriguez

In an age where the funniest sitcoms on TV (Parks and Recreation, Modern Family) get by without manufactured chuckles behind each joke, laugh tracks feel more unnecessarily distracting by the day. Especially when a show uses the fake giggle recordings to mask punch lines that aren't the least bit humorous.

Case in point: Malibu Country, starring the jovial Reba McEntire as a mother of two who moves into a new home with her kids and mother (Lily Tomlin) to get away from her cheating husband. Since she's from Nashville, McEntire's character exists as nothing more than a source of country bumpkin gags—she and her family are clearly out of their element living in the decidedly un-country Malibu, CA.

And just in case you can't comprehend how zany it is that she's a country singer who has to watch Travie McCoy cover one of her songs, there's always that laugh track to drive the point home.