She's beautiful. She's tall. She has a pretty voice. And sometimes we sing along to her songs. But then we catch ourselves. And realize just how dumb the lyrics are: "I used to think that we were forever, ever, ever." Seriously? Did you guys, like, buy love necklaces too? And, like, swear to never, ever, ever break up? The crap Swift manages to string together kind of reminds us of an extremely self-indulgent therapy session.

Taylor Swift is 23. That is an age when most people learn to speak like adults and to conduct semi-mature relationships which last longer than two days and do not result in the most shallow and least self-reflective lyrics we ever want to hear from someone with a guitar. We don't know much about Taylor's love life. Oh wait, we do. So here's an educated guess: Every break up she has had was probably not caused solely by the dude.