Nicki Minaj was not taking any shit from anyone this year. First there is her ongoing feud with fellow American Idol judge, Mariah Carey. The two have supposedly been at each other's throats since the first few days of shooting. Minaj threatened to "knock out" Carey (we can only assume with her thunderous rump-shaking) and also called Carey "her fucking highness," among other things.

As the Carey dispute unraveled, fellow judges Steven Tyler and Stevie Nicks joined the tussle, with Tyler saying that if Bob Dylan showed up to be judged by Minaj, she would send him to a cornfield. Minaj shot back that his comments were racist and Tyler soon apologized. Nicks, meanwhile, called Minaj a "little girl" and said she would have "strangled her" had she been in Carey's place. Tyler, Nicks, Carey—that's a wide variety of people that Minaj is getting into fights with. Life isn't so rosy at the top, huh?