Just looking at Newt's face makes us cringe. It's as if every annoying comment he has made and every frustrating action he has taken is written across that Play-Doh face of his. It must all go back to the root of the problem: During Gingrich's tenure as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, he basically laid the foundation for the Tea Party. That's a party we wished the country had never been invited to.

Like other politicians on this list, Gingrich has a lot of douchey behavior to answer for. The most recent example is Gingrich's suggestion that the cause of the tragic Sandy Hook mass shooting is an "anti-religious, secular bureaucracy and secular judiciary." Like another man on this list, Gingrich forgets that our government is not supposed hold hands with religion. Gingrich is also one of the very few Republicans who stood by Todd Akin after the Congressman made his disgusting comments about rape. Fun couple!