Year: 2005
Rating: 79
Crucial Stat: 12.7 PER
The Difference: During the 2003-04 season, Ray Allen got hurt and the SuperSonics looked to be in trouble. Enter Ronald "Flip" Murray, a former Division II player of the year who had come over to Seattle the year prior with other parts in the Gary Payton-Ray Allen blockbuster. In 12 starts to begin that season, he looked like the next Gilbert Arenas. But it is the brightest stars that burn out the fastest and Flip lost whatever magic was making him a god on the hardwood (those first 12 games were so nuts, he ended the season with a 15.4 PER!). He bounced around after that and last played on a bizarrely constructed Bulls team during the 2009-10 season, and it's weird that he hasn't caught on somewhere since (he can score it a little). In video games, Flip Murray is not waiting for his phone to ring. In 2K5, he was rated a 79(!) based solely on the magic he conjured briefly the year prior. Visual Concepts never added him to 2K4 and must've felt bad so they bumped him up about ten points too high. Flip Murray never really played defense, and that wasn't such a problem until he started slowing down on the offensive end. But in a video game, it's the kind of thing that leads to a player look like he's playing pop-a-shot in a video game.