Year: 2013
Rating: 77
Crucial Stat: 15.6 PER
The Difference: Speaking of chuckers who are a delight to play with in video games but who will make you tear out your hair if he's really on the team you like, Nate Robinson! Deadspin's Barry Petchesky perhaps said it best recently, describing his shooting-addiction thusly: "Each ill-advised chuck would be more glorious than the last. You'd see it happening. His teammates would disappear, his eyes would narrow, tunnel vision setting in. If he was off the ball, he'd eye it like it was the last ball on earth, ignoring his man and his mark and the shot clock all. You'd see him turning to shoot before the pass was on his fingertips. Nate, no!" No greater a publication than this very same one last year called out his 2K12 rating of 74 (the same as James Harden because everyone at Visual Concepts was drunk that day, right?) and said a 67 was in order. Still too high, I say now, a year of hindsight to my advantage. This year he's an outrageous 77, the same as Lin, Darren Collison, Taj Gibson, and Tyson Chandler. Preposterous. Nate has an above average PER for his career (15.6), but only because he has played on some truly bad teams that needed his good-intention style of play to give the team a semblance of staying in the game. Nate Robinson is a shorter Ricky Davis; his reaches for the stars are only noteworthy because he's the size of most of the guys in your rec league. Hopefully 2K14 will correct this grave error.