Year: 2013
Rating: 78
Crucial Stat: 15.4 PER
The Difference: If Nate Robinson was 6-6, he'd be Jamal Crawford. Completely one-dimensional scorer who thinks he's a #1 but really needs to come off the bench? You better believe it. Weighing it at a 78 in the 2K13, Crawford seems like he might be able to earn that rating playing along side the few supremely talented members of the Clippers (Chris Paul could have made Michael Doleac look good). But again, he's the type of player who has either been the number one guy on a terrible team (early 2000s Bulls and Knicks, what's up?) or the third or fourth option on a team that gets knocked out in the first round. 78s should be reserved for promising rookies drafted around #8, Chandler Parsons, or Grant Hill-types enjoying Grant Hill-type solid late-career runs (Grant Hill is a 77 this year).