Everybody loves Christmas in the movies. Well, everybody except the characters that don't. Most films set during the holidays (both the good and the horrifically bad ones) are filled with the requisite amount of cheer to draw in audiences and then send them giddily back out into the shopping malls, but there are a few exceptions.

We have always wondered why people don't loot stores on Christmas—when people aren't paying attention—and a surprising number of movie villains also figure the yuletide is just the right time for heinous deeds. Some satisfy personal vendettas while others engage in next-level mischief, but all of them got it done while you were chilling on your couch talking to your grandparents and eating pie.

Here is a rogues gallery of the liars, cheaters, and generally bad guys who decided that Christmas cheer wasn't going to work for them or anybody else who crossed their path. Here are the 10 Worst Things Done by Movie Villains on Christmas.

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Written by Brenden Gallagher (@muddycreekU)