Brandon Boyer

Notable Accomplishments: Chairman of the Independent Games Festival

Suitable Nicknames: Indie Man, Dirty Hipster

Twitter Account: @brandonnn 

As chairman of the Independent Games Festival, Boyer's responsible for a lot of the little guys becoming success stories in the mainstream. We often forget that even with all of the talent behind great titles like FEZ, Spelunky, and Dear Esther, they often can't do too much without the funding the IGF awards provide every year.

It's not just the funding either, the exposure the festival provides gives indies a chance to find publishers, catch the public eye, or even find suitable talent for areas of their team that could use a perk up. Thanks to the efforts of Brandon and his team, great creators the world over have an opportunity to have their passion projects seen by the world. 

Fun Fact: In addition to being a proponent of independent games, Boyer is also quite the music aficionado. His Twitter account routinely dispenses song and musician recommendations for those with a refined pallete.