When: July 2011
Where: Vestavia Hills, AL
Snack: Sandwich

Getting locked up for fighting your sibling is worse than any punishment handed down by your parents. 22-year-old Demarcus Peoples and 20-year-old Brittany Peoples were arrested following an argument that escalated to a fight, all over a sandwich. The younger Peoples says she left a sandwich in the refrigerator, and her brother ate it without remorse. When she approached him about it, he allegedly unloaded a barrage of blows upon her.

Demarcus Peoples claimed that his sister ran into his room berating him over the sandwich, then put hands on him after trying to pour shampoo on him. Clearly she was trying to wash him of his sins. Deputies were called to their home; both were arrested and charged with third degree domestic violence. Both refused medical attention.

Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian had a sense of humor about the situation: "That must have been one good sandwich. I bet when Demarcus ate it he never dreamed it would be the catalyst to jail," he said. "I can just see his sister snapping when she realized her sandwich had been eaten. I completely understand that."