It didn't take long for the programming masterminds at MTV to piece together the next Jersey Shore. The Seaside Heights reality show's final season isn't even done airing yet and there's already an all-new gang of frisky youngsters ready to engage in all kinds of debauchery for intrusive cameramen. And, based on Buckwild's obnoxious commercials, it's going to be even more mind-numbing.

Set in the rural sticks of West Virginia, Buckwild follows backwoods degenerates with nicknames like "The Spicy Southern Belle," "Bengali in Boots," and, get this, "Justin Beaver." Unlike Jersey Shore, which started out innocently enough before exploding into a pop culture phenomenon, MTV's latest Real World knockoff feels more gratuitous by the day.

Considering the hate-love-hate relationship we've had with Jersey Shore, the thought of going through that shameful ringer once again (not to mention, every other time if Buckwild hits big and spawns its own copycats) is enough to make the end of days seem appealing.