Fox News: Green Video Games and the Liberal Agenda

Talking Heads: T.J. McCormack, Clayton Morris

Air Date: September 4, 2011

Reason Why It's Dumb: Insinuating Flower uses green fear tactics

As gaming enthusiasts, we love to parade the fact that video games can be great agents for change. Games that promote social awareness, provide players opportunities to tackle real-world issues, and offer something with a message are seen as the high points of what this medium has to offer. Fox News on the other hand seems to think that all of these things are actually part of a secret liberal agenda to brainwash children into hating capitalism and western industry.

It's good to know that they got such a well-versed expert like T.J. McCormack to join the one-sided conversation (they did not invite any games industry professionals to participate) because without him, none of us would be aware that non-violent games are actually thinly veiled fear campaigns from the damned hippies. So, to sum it up; Fox News hates when games are violent, when they're dealing with real-world issues, and now they hate them when they aren't either of those things. "Fair and balanced" indeed.