Ellen Degeneres: Yoostar 2 Product Placement

Talking Heads: Ellen Degeneres

Air Date: February 28, 2011

Reasons Why It's Dumb: The absolute lameness of the product placement coupled with Ellen's complete disinterest in the game

Paid product placement in talk shows is big business and for her Oscar segments, Ellen Degeneres got sponsorship from one of the most forgettable Kinect titles of all time; Yoostar 2. Her absolute lack of interest in the game is palpable as she mindlessly reads cue cards and rolls a pre-recorded skit featuring the game. The only point of excitement for anyone on this set is when the audience goes apeshit because they find out they're getting something for free.

Now, Ellen's not a bad host and when she does cross-promotions with games - namely Dance Central - it usually makes sense for her show and her audience. It's the mindless pandering in this segment that makes me want to dig out my brain with an icepick, which I'm sure was the intended effect when the game's creators rolled up to her house with a bucket of money in tow.