Appeared in: The Two Towers, Return of the King

In the fantastical world of Middle Earth, nearly everything has its own story and personality, so it should come as no surprise that even the trees of the forest are amongst the living in this universe. Called "ents", these living, talking trees are the guardians of the forest and all that resides in nature. They are long-living and incomparably wise, having spent their whole lives observing the development of the world.

The ents guard the forest against the evil machines that Sauron powers his army with. Their existence in the Lord of the Rings trilogy can be seen as Tolkien’s commentary against the rising industrialization of England at the time, which saw many small towns and scenic forests mowed down for the sake of large factories and corporations. Social commentary aside, the ents are magnificent beasts that give power, strength, and wisdom to nature’s most dominant creation.