There's nothing like the new year for taking down a couple of fat cats! After being used as human guinea pigs by the Duke brothers, defamed businessman Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) and street hustler Billy Ray Valentine (Eddie Murphy) board a costume party train bound for Philadelphia in order to take their lives back.

With prostitute Ophelia (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Winthorpe's former butler Coleman (Denholm Elliott) as their cohorts, the quartet gets in the attired spirit as they dress up in appropriately inappropriate costumes and attempt to con a con man (Paul Gleason). Between Billy Ray's beef jerky, Ophelia's Swedish meatballs, Jim Belushi's drunken carousing, and the in-transit gorilla finding love with Gleason, just whose evening went best is a toss-up. Merry New Year!