While we were checking out the Wreck-it Ralph Facebook page for another article, we couldn't help but notice the wily political message in this image. It's accompanied by the question:

Now that it's November, which side will you choose: Wreck-It or Fix-It?

Hehe. Which side indeed? Of the 600 plus commenters on the post, an ovewhelming number responded that they'd rather wreck it. Just goes to show the stubbornness of the political right, doesn't it? Either that, or a lot of people just thought this was actually a question about which Wreck-it Ralph character they liked better.

From reading the comments, we also learned that at least one fan is already "shipping" Felix and Sgt. Calhoun, the female soldier character played by Jane Lynch. Shipping is to root for two characters who normally don't have a romantic relationship to get together. It's…weird. Especially when one character looks like a cartoon of a 10-year-old and the other is a full-grown woman. Ah, internet, you never fail to surprise us.

Are you excited for Wreck-it Ralph? Which side will you choose this November: Wreck-it or Fix-it?