The bodegas of Brooklynare their own breed of convenience store, standing out from the stereotypically pricey trappings of Brooklynland, or whatever we’re calling the hipster-and-stroller communities of the borough this week. Trying to dodge the complicated cuisine in Williamsburg? Dip into the bodega for a $3 turkey sandwich (with Boar’s Head meat!). When you’re invited back to a brownstone after a night of barhopping, you can grab a toothbrush and some contact solution. No matter what Brooklyn neighborhood that rooftop party brings you to, you can get your nicotine and alcohol fix any time, day or night. Just please remember that the credit card minimum is $10.

This is just the surface, these exchanges of cash for goods happening in roughly the same manner in bodegas across the borough. And yet attachments form. How is your neighborhood bodega different from the one a mile away? To take a closer look, we traveled south from the corner of Metropolitan and Union, in Williamsburg, to Marcy and Fulton, in Bed-Stuy, photographing the bodegas we came across. How do bodegas change from hood to hood? Come shop with us.

Written by Brenden Gallagher (@muddycreekU)