Year: 1990 / 1988
Developer: Williams / Konami
Sport: Hockey
System: Arcade / NES
Lowdown: Fighting in hockey games would presumably be a given, but when it first appeared, there was still something shocking about it: The most shamed aspect of the sport being glorified as its central appeal. Enter NES classic Blades of Steel and Hit The Ice. The OG of these games, Blades is a hockey game in that The Rock is an insightful film about touring Alcatraz. Bump into someone three times, it's go time. An eight-bit voice commands: "FIGHT!" and after some truly absurd trash talking, the punching begins. When your opponent lets out a death rattle and crumples to the ice, know that you've won. Hit The Ice looked a little better, and also, could be found in coin-op format in many an American hockey rinks' arcade stall or snack bar, but had more in common with NBA Jam in terms of gameplay. Yet, the express mandate? Fighting. A lot. The gloves fly off in a now-classic animation, and the punching? Fast and frequent.