Year: 1995
Developer: Games Workshop and MicroLeague
Sport: Football
System: PC
Lowdown: This is fantasy football, taken to the most literal extent of the term, in that there are goblins, elves, and so forth, all battling to survive. It's set in the Warhammer universe, so it's turn-based, and an RPG-which is something that your Madden and NBA 2K games have incorporated to some degree. But: Let's talk about the blood. Which there's a lot of. Such as in the mini-battles wherein you try to maim and kill your opponent. Succeed, and it's your ball, and the other guy's blood and bones become fertilizer for next year's crops. If there are crops. If this godforsaken game ever ends. It's slow, sure, but the gore is there; think of Blood Bowl as the unofficial sport of Lord of the Rings, and you'll be pretty close to home on it.