Year: 1991
Developer: Hudson Soft
Sport: Basketball
System: SNES
Lowdown: Literally, the first basketball game for Super Nintendo. Not NBA Live. Or one of those weird player-approved games, like Bulls vs. Blazers. Nope: Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball. Set in the future, Bill Laimbeer has gone mad with power after assuming the commissionership of a basketball league. The referees were unceremoniously fired, and the only rule is that there are no rules (except out of bounds, and also, backcourt violations, for some reason). If you want to use a weapon on the court, Bill Laimbeer isn't going to stop you. It's not even that violent, it's just delightfully low-rent, and it's considered one of the worst SNES games in the history of the console. Regardless: Players push and shove, bombs and landmines appear out of nowhere, and Bill Laimbeer collects some easy money and probably didn't even have to go to a photoshoot. Go Bulls.