The restrictions of the iPhone's screen can be frustrating when typing lengthy emails or text messages. Thanks to Florian Kraeutli, a student at University of London's Godsmiths College, those restrictions have been lifted with Vibrative, a virtual keyboard that uses the iPhone's built-in accelerometer.

Kraeutil first trains the iPhone on the placement of the keys with special software. After calibration is completed he types a simple message on a paper keyboard. Very impressive, but it doesn't end there. The paper keyboard is removed, then Kraeutil demostartes Vibrative on the table. 

Unfortunately Vibrative has a long way to go before it can be released to the masses. Kraeuti told the Telegraph, the signals he's capturing are very weak and that the phone would need a more powerful accelerometer to work better. The software is "more of a proof of concept" he added. Presently, Vibrative types the correct letters 80% of the time, so maybe sooner than later we will be able to download this software out of the Apple App Store.

Check out Vibrative in action in the above video. 

[via Huffington Post]