It's official: the Wii U is here. A new generation of hardware is begun, and—more importantly, maybe—a new age of Nintendo games has dawned. An age where Nintendo games are in HD, and where we play them on two screens in our living rooms. They might even work online, too.

If you're thinking about picking up a Wii U today, you've got an important choice to make: whether to get the $299 regular edition, or the $349 deluxe edition.

Being the saps we are, we opted for the deluxe edition. Its 32GB of hard storage beats the regular edition's 8GB, and we're anticipating plenty of game downloads on the new Nintendo system. Not to mention we really wanted the charging cradle for the new Wii U GamePad. We said we're suckers, didn't we?

In all honest, the deluxe edition is probably worth the extra $50 just for the extra GB alone. But you also get the stand and charging cradle for the GamePad, the vertical stand for the Wii U console, the Nintendo Land game, and a shiny black paint job.

Here's our initial unboxing of the new system. As you can see, there are a lot of pieces—it comes with a sensor bar just like the Wii's, plus two power adapters (one for the system and one for the GamePad), and a ton more. But hey—after we deal with this mountain of plastic, thin foam and twist-ties, we might actually be able to play a video game. As Mario would say, "Yahoo!"