Oh Shit! He Brought a Tank to a Gun Fight!

We all know that gut-wrenching feeling. You're skipping across the battlefield without a care in the world. Maybe you've got a catchy pop tune running in your head and everything seems hunky dory. Then out of nowhere you get blindsided by a massive tank and all you've got is your puny Assault Rifle facing down its massive cannon.

It's a difficult proposition to take down a vehicle so poorly armed, and nobody will blame you for cutting your losses and running for the hills. For those few, brave souls though, the best way to take down a vehicle is by arming your Plasma Pistol and releasing a charged shot. This will disable it momentarily, allowing you to close the distance required to commandeer it for yourself.

If you happen to have a Sniper Rifle or other precision weapon and have a steady hand, look for the small openings on the front of the Scorpion or the gunner seat of the Wraith to help your doomed friends out. One well places bullet can save dozens of lives.