Silent But Deadly

Primary Weapon: DSR 50 Sniper Rifle (Full Metal Jacket, Variable Zoom)

Secondary Weapon: Executioner

Lethal: Bouncing Betty (x2)

Tactical: None

Perks: Blind Eye, Cold-Blooded, Extreme Conditioning

Wildcards: Danger Close

If you're a fan of sitting back and relaxing while everyone else scurries about, the DSR 50 is a solid starting sniper rifle that gets even more potent with an attached Variable Zoom and the Full Metal Jacket rounds will blow through any cover those cowards hide behind. It's worthless at close range, but the Executioner is pretty much a miniature shotgun, giving you the opportunity for a kill with fewer bullets should you find yourself cornered.
Of course, no marksman is worth their salt if they need to rely on everyone else to keep them safe, so stockpiling Bouncing Betties is the best way to guard the entrances to your nest. Throw them down on the ground and wait for your enemies to walk into your trap, Home Alone style.
A bulk of the perks are about keeping you hidden with both Blind Eye and Cold-Blooded obscuring you from radar and enemy sights. Extreme Conditioning is there for when you respawn. As a sniper, you're not going to have a lot of options on the ground, so getting to your nest as quickly as possible is super important.