My Secondary Is My Primary

Primary Weapon: None

Secondary Weapon: KAP-40 (Dual Wield)

Lethal: Combat Axe

Tactical: Flashbang (x2)

Perks: Lightweight, Scavenger, Dead Silence

Wildcards: Perk 3 Greed (Extreme Conditioning)

Shed the extra weight of carrying a primary weapon around and blitzkrieg the hell out of those sons of bitches with this lightning-quick secondary focussed loadout. The KAP-40 is a late-game unlock, but when using it with Dual Wield it unleashes a barrage of bullets so quickly nobody will know what hit them.

To add to the confusion, Flashbangs will ensure that previous cliche is executed very literally while Dead Silence will guarantee nobody will hear you coming. Lightweight is there to keep you nimble and Extreme Conditioning has been wildcarded in for extra speed. This package is all about hitting them fast and hard.

Your Combat Axe is your last resort if you run out of bullets - the rapid-fire drains ammo quickly - but Scavenger will keep you supplied as long as you've got dead enemies around you. Of course, if you play this one right dead enemies will never be in short supply.