I Am The Wall-Rus

Primary Weapon: Assault Shield

Secondary Weapon: B23R (Reflex Sight)

Lethal: None

Tactical: Shock Charge (x2)

Perks: Flak Jacket, Cold Blooded, Tactical Mask

Wildcards: Secondary Gunfighter (Long Barrel)

You're a nice guy, a team player, and this loadout is just for you. It's unlikely you'll get many kills carrying an Assault Shield as your primary, but the B23R pistol with Reflex Sight and a Long Barrel is as close as you can get while staying so guarded.

Playing objective matches where you need to defend a point, nothing's going to get through this setup. Your Shock Charges are great for blocking off choke points and your Flak Jacket, Cold Blood, and Tactical Mask will keep you alive a lot longer than most.

Park yourself in front of whatever you need to protect and nobody will get past you. You won't rack up many kills at all, but if you're the team player you think you are, a job well done will be all you need.