Played By: Kim Novak
Movie: Vertigo (1958)

Judy Barton is responsible for enabling one of the greatest simpleton affairs in cinematic history, thanks to her Oscar worthy performance as Madeleine Elster. In Vertigo, she takes part in Gavin Elster's (Tom Helmore) elaborate plan to murder the real Madeleine and baffle Scottie Ferguson (James Stewart) into inadvertently providing an alibi. Not only does the seduction succeed, but her lingering effect on Scottie—her "death" sends him to an insane asylum for monthsascends to insanely sprung heights when he catches Judy as herself on the street, figuring her for a coincidental dead-ringer for Madeleine, and embarks on a mentally unhealthy effort to reenact his time with Judy-as-Madeleine down to the last detail.