Played By: Lauren Bacall
Movie: Young Man with a Horn (1950)

A noir leading man could have a cute, ride-or-die chick on his side, but they always inevitably fall for the hot, sultry, clearly-something-off-about-her femme, striking up an unhealthy relationship that ultimately leads to his downfall.

That's exactly what happens to Rick Martin (Kirk Douglas) when he ditches Jo (Doris Day) for Amy North, the type of would-be psychiatrist who fails to get her credentials but still manages to cite assorted psycho-babble during arguments, and is probably in need of a shrink herself. As her career stalls and his ascends, she launches a mental assault that brings Rick down to her bitter level and renders him into an alcoholic mess that barks on his own friends. We've all had friends that dated an Amy North once upon a time.